About us

Life can be stressful, and sometimes challenges arise that make us feel as though we are plunging head first into the deep end. We can become overwhelmed, and feel distressed, alone or out of control. Yet even though these situations are difficult, they are also opportunities to increase our life skills. Often personally challenging situations can lead to great personal growth. Our psychological services can assist you with this process of healing and growth.

New Pathways Psychological Services offers an individualised and expert approach to counselling and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Our qualified and experienced psychologists can help you develop skills to manage life’s stresses and promote positive health and wellbeing.

Our psychologists are experienced in assisting with an extensive range of psychological problems for individuals (adults, adolescents and children), couples, and corporate clients.

Located in Melbourne CBD and Port Melbourne, New Pathways’ rooms are welcoming and private. We accept referrals through GPs, employers, as well as private clients.

Please contact us to book in an appointment or discuss our services further.

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