Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

New Pathways Psychological Services provides professional, confidential and flexible Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), with goals of improving employee health and wellbeing, motivation, work satisfaction and performance.

Employees are provided with short-term problem focused counselling to develop personal skills and resilience to:

  • manage work-related issues, such as interpersonal conflict, bullying, work pressure and career development
  • deal with personal issues, such as family or relationship issues, grief and medical conditions, and
  • relieve symptoms of psychological, behavioural and emotional distress.

Employees are also provided with support to access alternative specialist services for ongoing assistance, if required.

Recognising the potential impact of unresolved staff issues on morale, performance and productivity in the workplace, we also offer a Management Assistance Program (MAP) as part of our EAP service. Through expert coaching, managers are assisted and supported in improving their skills and capability to deal with difficult staff situations in an effective and positive manner.

Please contact us if you would like to access our EAP services.